Wildlife Mythbusters! Homeschool Program - March 28–May 16

Tuesdays, March 28–May 15, 2023
1–2:30 p.m.
Fee: $110 members/$135 non-members. $10 sibling discount.

** This program is for students ages 6–8.

Do opossums really hang by their tails? Are daddy longlegs unable to inject venom because their mouths are too small? Will mother birds abandon babies that have fallen out of the nest? In this science-based homeschool program, students will separate fact from common fiction in their understanding of the animal world, gaining insight through hands-on exploration of the Arboretum habitats where animals live. As part of the learning experience, they'll use scientific equipment and develop skills in observation, experimentation, and documentation. This program is a natural follow-up to the "Animals of the Arboretum" program.

Advance registration is required for planning purposes. Classes will largely be held outdoors; students should dress for the weather.


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