Acorn Academy Nature Preschool: 2018 Winter/Spring Session (Wednesday class)

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Wednesdays, February 7 to April 25, 10-11:15 a.m. 

Welcome 2018 with your preschooler at Adkins Arboretum! This series of twelve classes is open to children ages 3 to 5. Classes include nature walks, stories, songs, snacks, and an art project to take home. An instant play group for caregivers and tots alike, the nature preschool helps children learn socialization skills while they explore the wonders of the great outdoors. Nature ABCs, 123s, and nursery rhymes are part of the fun. 

Fee: $75 members/$100 non-members. A $10 sibling discount is available. Thanks to a generous grant by the PNC Foundation, classes are free for Caroline County residents. Advance registration is required for all participants.

The series includes:

February 7
Let’s pretend we are snowflakes journeying through the winter sky! We’ll make a shiny snowflake craft, look for Jack Frost in the forest, and warm up with hot chocolate and the beloved children’s book A Snowy Day.

February 14
Celebrate Valentine’s Day by making heart-shaped birdseed treats for forest animals! We’ll scatter our treats on a winter walk, discover how animals stay warm in the cold, and listen to a woodsy Valentine story while munching on heart-shaped cookies.

February 21
Not all animals hibernate through winter: white-tailed deer are out and about. We can be out and about, too! We’ll look for deer tracks, paths, and beds along the meadow edge. Back in the classroom, we’ll make and model antler headbands.

February 28
Where do foxes go when the cold wind blows? In their cozy dens, of course! Let’s follow a winding trail to an Arboretum fox den, sing and dance to the “Fox Trot,” and make pop-up fox finger puppets.

March 7
March is here, and so are windy days! We'll use blobs of paint to see how wind moves, fly feathers in the breeze, and craft lovely windsocks to make weather observations at home.

March 14

It's time to start thinking about your summer garden! Learn how seeds germinate and start your own seeds in a nifty egg carton tray. Then visit the Arboretum greenhouse and enjoy a picnic snack.

March 21
Celebrate the arrival of spring at the Arboretum! We'll look for signs of spring in the forest, dance around a woodland maypole, and make a bouquet of paper flowers to welcome warmer days.

March 28
Spring is here, and so are the rabbits! Have a thumpin' good time exploring the world of the bouncy cottontail. We'll dance the Bunny Hop, munch on rabbit snacks, and watch a puppet show featuring Hoppity Rabbit.

April 4
The birds are busy building nests for their babies! Take a peek inside the Arboretum’s bluebird houses, hold a nest in your hands, and learn about the different ways birds build their homes. We’ll sample a bird’s nest snack and try building our own nests with mud and twigs.

April 11
Let's make hay while the sun shines! We’ll plant a hay bale herb garden in the Funshine Garden, visit the Arboretum’s goat herd, and share a picnic snack.  We’ll also make spongy, grassy “hay bales” to take home.

April 18
The wetland comes alive in spring! Use nets and buckets to discover some of the creatures that call the wetland home, from wiggly tadpole to shy painted turtle. We’ll also mix up a batch of froggy goo and read delightfully swampy stories.

April 25
Calling all lizard lovers! It’s time to search in sunny places for the lovely Five-Lined Skink and learn how lizards are different from other animals. Outside playtime with rubber lizards by the tree stump ring will entice even those reluctant to join the lizard fan club.

**Classes are also offered on Tuesdays, February 6 to April 24. Click here to register for the Tuesday series.**


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