Acorn Academy Nature Preschool—Fall 2022

Tuesdays, September 20–November 8, 2022
10–11:15 a.m. For children ages 3–5.

Fee: $100 members/$125 non-members for 8-week series. $10 sibling discount. Thanks to a generous grant from the PNC Foundation, the fee is waived for Caroline County residents.

Possums, squirrels, and owls—oh, my!
Welcome fall with your preschooler at the Arboretum. Classes include nature walks, stories, songs, snacks, and an art project to take home. An instant play group for caregivers and tots alike, the nature preschool helps children learn socialization skills while they explore the wonders of the great outdoors. Nature ABCs, 123s, and nursery rhymes are part of the fun. 

Space is limited. Advance registration is required; early registration is highly recommended.

Sessions include:

Meet Rosie!—
September 20
Visit the Arboretum’s goat herd, led by the lovely Rosie, and learn how goats are used to munch troublesome weeds. Children will make goat puppets, use goat’s milk soap to wash their hands, and have their picture taken with Rosie and her four-legged friends.

Milkweed & Monarchs—September 27
Make a wish on a fluffy milkweed seed and learn about hte beautiful monarch butterflies that lay their eggs on the milkweed plant. We'll look for milkweed pods in the meadow, make a butterfly craft, and enjoy butterfly books with our snack.

Crazy for Cattails—October 4
Can you find a fuzzy cattail in the Arboretum's wetland? Learn why the cattail is sometimes called "Nature's Grocery Store." We'll use nets to look for critters that live among the cattails, make painted cattail prints to take home, and eat crunchy "cattail" snacks.

Ants in Your Pants—October 11
Join in a wiggy "Ants in Your Pants" dance and make a fingerprint ant craft. After learning some interesting ant trivia, we'll go on a bug hunt, examine insects with hand lenses, and munch "Ants on a Log" snacks.

Colorfest—October 18
Celebrate the beauty of fall as we gather colorful leaves on a woodland walk and enjoy a picnic snack under the trees. We'll learn why leaves change color, jump in a gigantic leaf pile, and make a lovely leaf craft to take home.

Going Batty—October 25
Bats: terrifying vampires or cuddly Stellalunas? We'll learn the science behind the world's only flying mammal, experiment with echolocation, and try navigating the meadow bat-style. We'll also make batty Halloween decorations and celebrate with a holiday-themed snack and story.

Naptime for Skunks—November 1
Winter is just around the corner, and skunks and other animals are preparing for wintry weather. Learn how animals cope with cold, sing a "Don't Wake the Sleeping Skunk" song, and make a skunk puppet that pops out of its den!

Scouts & Maidens—November 8
Who were the first people to live on the Eastern Shore? Let's visit the wigwams at First Light Village to find out! We'll play a Native American corn game, collect sticks for a pretend campfire, and make clay bowls to take home.