Acorn Academy Nature Preschool: Fall 2021 – 9/16–11/4

For children ages 3–5. Thursdays, September 16–November 4, 10–11:15 a.m.

Fee: $100 members/$125 non-members for 8-week series. $10 sibling discount. Thanks to a generous grant from the PNC Foundation, the fee is waived for Caroline County residents.

Possums, squirrels, and owls—oh, my!
Welcome fall with your preschooler at Adkins Arboretum. Classes include nature walks, stories, songs, snacks, and an art project to take home. An instant play group for caregivers and tots alike, the nature preschool helps children learn socialization skills while they explore the wonders of the great outdoors. Nature ABCs, 123s, and nursery rhymes are part of the fun. 

Sessions include:

Maryland’s Butterfly—September 16
Meet the amazing Baltimore Checkerspot, Maryland’s state butterfly! We’ll look for the Checkerspot and other butterflies on a meadow walk, use nets to catch paper butterflies, and paint bowtie pasta to make a pretty butterfly craft.

Snap Your Fingers for Snapping Turtles!—September 23
As cooler weather approaches, snapping turtles and other wetland animals are getting ready for a long winter nap. We’ll visit the Arboretum’s wetland for a last glimpse of our water-loving friends, sing a snappy snapping turtle song, and look at turtle shells with hand lenses.

Three Sisters—September 30
In a traditional Native American “Three Sisters” garden, corn, beans, and squash grow together just like real sisters! We’ll visit a “Three Sisters” garden, stopping along the way to feed the Arboretum’s goat herd. We’ll also dance with gourd shakers and enjoy a picnic snack in the garden.

Enchanted Forest—October 7
Get a sneak peek at forest preparations for the Arboretum’s fifth annual Fairyfest! We’ll search for fairy houses along the woodland paths, make magical tambourines, and build tree ring castles in an Elven Village.

The Towering Tulip Poplar—October 14
Why is the tulip poplar the tree of the Arboretum? We’ll find out on a walk through the forest, where fall colors are at their peak. Along the way, we’ll gather sweetgum balls and tulip poplar leaves to make a kitten craft and jump in a gigantic leaf pile.

Pumpkin Party—October 21
It’s pumpkin season! We’ll get the scoop on pumpkins, visit the Arboretum’s Funshine Garden, and share a pumpkin snack. Then we’ll wiggle and twist to the Pumpkin Polka!

Spooky Spiders—October 28
Spiders aren't really spooky…they’re spectacular! From their shimmering silk webs to their enchanting spiderlings, these arachnids don’t deserve their bad rap. We’ll look for spider webs along the bridge, craft glittery spider webs for Halloween, and learn why the spider meant good fortune in ancient China.

Honk Honk! Make Way for Geese—November 4
It’s that time of year again: the geese are heading south! We’ll learn the secrets of these amazing feathered friends and look for birds of all types on an Arboretum nature walk. Mother Goose rhymes and a handprint goose craft will add to the fun.

Space is limited. Advance registration is required; early registration is highly recommended.


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