1. Monthly Membership

Monthly paying members support the Arboretum in an especially sustainable way and receive benefits based on their yearly giving level. Your membership will automatically roll over after a year, and you can cancel at any time. You will receive a new member card every 12 months.   
Level Monthly Rate
Individual ($50)  $4/month or $48 per year
Household ($75)  $6/month or $72
Grandparent ($75)  $6/month or $72
Contributor ($100)  $8/month or $96
Supporter ($250 ) $20/month or $240
Sustainer ($500)  $40/month or $480
Leon Andrus Society ($1,000)  $80/month or $960
Garden Club or Nonprofit ($100)  $8/month or $96  

*Your monthly membership is fully tax deductible.*