Time Travel for Homeschoolers (ages 6–8)

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Thursdays, September 12–November 14, 2019      1–2:30 p.m.
Fee: $110 members/$135 non-members. A $10 sibling discount is available. Advance registration is required.

Time travel your way through the history of Maryland's Eastern Shore! Did you know that dinosaurs and woolly mammoths once roamed our land? Or that Woodland Indians harvested tulip trees for their dugout canoes and settlers used pokeberries to make ink? Homeschoolers will explore Eastern Shore history through fun, hands-on activities, including target practice with homemade bows and arrows, natural dyes, and a model archaeological dig.

This program is for students ages 6–8. Outside time will be a part of every class; dress for the weather!


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