Acorn Academy Nature Preschool: 2019 Fall Session (Thursday class)

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This series of 10 classes meets Thursdays, September 12 to November 14, 2019  10–11:15 a.m. 

**Classes are also offered on Wednesdays, September 11 to November 13.
Click here to register for the Thursday series.**

Welcome fall with your preschooler at Adkins Arboretum! This series of ten classes is open to children ages 3 to 5. Classes include nature walks, stories, songs, snacks, and an art project to take home. An instant play group for caregivers and tots alike, the nature preschool helps children learn socialization skills while they explore the wonders of the great outdoors. Nature ABCs, 123s, and nursery rhymes are part of the fun. 

Fee: $100 members/$125 non-members. A $10 sibling discount is available. Thanks to a generous grant by the PNC Foundation, fees are waived for Caroline County residents. Advance registration is required for all participants.

The series includes:

September 12
Did you know that the Arboretum has a resident beaver!? We'll take a wetland walk to see the home of Mr. Nibbles, learn how beavers are amazingly suited to their watery world, and use dip nets to find other wetland animals.

September 19
Peek around the tree stumps at Paw Paw Playground, and you'll be sure to find lots of daddy longlegs! We'll discover how daddy longlegs are different from other spiders, have an eight-legged daddy longlegs race with our friends, and make silly daddy longlegs out of sweetgum balls.

September 26
Summer days are over, and it's time to prepare Emily's Play Garden for a nice winter nap. We'll tidy the garden beds, gather seeds, and look for signs of animals that might be cozying up in the garden for winter naps of their own.

October 3
As cold weather approaches, some animals are gearing up to head to warmer places. We'll take a pretend voyage along the Atlantic Flyway and learn about the challenges birds face on their journey south. We'll also search for energy-rich plants in the meadow that help birds on their way, then return to the classroom to eat "birdseed" snacks.

October 10
Get a sneak peek at forest preparations for the Arboretum's fourth annual Fairyfest! We'll look for fairy houses along the woodland paths, shape spotty toadstools out of clay, and build tree ring castles in the Elven Village.

October 17

Although we seldom see them, these nocturnal marsupials are all around us! Listen as Ophelia Opossum, possum puppet extraordinaire, reveals the truth about possums. We'll also make paper possum mobiles and head outside to search for possum hideouts and tracks.

October 24
Come celebrate the beauty of fall as we gather colorful leaves on a forest walk and enjoy a picnic snack under the trees. We'll learn why leaves change color, jump in a gigantic leaf pile, and make tulip poplar leaf cats to take home.

October 31
What does a Great Horned Owl look and sound like? How about the tiny Saw-Whet Owl? We'll practice our owl calls and look for owl pellets in the meadow. We'll also make feathery owl masks and munch on Halloween snacks while listening to stories about the wise old owl.

November 7
The amazing white oak tree is home to many creatures. Learn about the animals that depend on the white oak for food and shelter, make bark and leaf rubbings of a giant white oak tree, and create a cute acorn craft to take home.

November 14
Did you know that the Arboretum is home to wild turkeys? We'll look for wild turkeys on a nature walk, make pinecone turkeys to decorate the  Thanksgiving table, and experiment with feathers and flight. The "Turkey Waddle" dance routine is sure to entertain Thanksgiving guests.