Camp Egret 2023: June 26–30


CAMP EGRET: "Wild Life"
June 26–30,  2023    9 a.m.–3 p.m.
Ages 10–12

Join fellow nature lovers for a week of outdoor adventure and animal encounters. Be the first to catch a frog on a stream wade and add your tracks to those of wild animals while walking barefoot through the mud. We'll climb trees to hunt for insects and nests, use seine and dip nets in the wetland, walk to a raptor enclosure, and study dens and burrows for signs of animal activity. Nature art, yoga, journaling, games, and team building will be part of this unforgettable camp experience.

**Please note that refunds will not be issued within three weeks of the camp's start date. This ensures that our staff have adequate time to fill the space.**

**Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email containing a welcome letter, a list of items to bring to camp, and a link to camper information forms. Please be sure to click on the link in your email confirmation and complete the forms at least three days before the start of camp. Call 410-634-2847, ext. 100 with questions.

Enrollment limit: 16

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