Chesapeake Songs & Stories - September 10

Sunday, September 10, 2023
2–3 p.m.

$10 members/$15 non-members. Advance registration required. 

Enjoy an interactive session for ages 5 to 95 as “Miss Janie” Meneely weaves a unique tapestry of watermen's tales and songs that bring to life some of the characters of a traditional waterman's community. From the trials and tribulations of Woolie Bear and his Bad Luck Underwear to Ella’s transformative journey to the Canadian tundra with a migratory swan, Miss Janie captivates her audience and asks them to sing (and sometimes shout!) along. 

Singer/songwriter Janie Meneely was born and raised on the Chesapeake Bay, where she spent much of her professional life as a journalist. Over the years, she spent time as a live-aboard sailor, a teacher, a sailmaker, always “on the listen” for a good story. She remains a prolific writer of songs reflecting her love of the Bay and its people. These days she is joined by her husband, Dutch-born guitarist Rob van Sante, who lends his knack for melodies and flair for vocal harmony to Meneely’s compositions. Together they deliver a lively and informative program, as entertaining for adults as it is for children.  To learn more, visit

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