Bird Identification: From Coo to Who Cooks for You (9/14–10/19)

This program is postponed indefinitely. If you registered, you will be contacted if it is rescheduled.

Nearly everyone has asked the question “What is that bird?” You might ask that question if you hear a bird singing or if it is splashing in the bird bath.

This class will provide a look at how to answer that question by examining the different bird characteristics that can be used: size, shape, behavior, song, call notes, drumming, time of year, habitat, feeding habits, etc. Common feeder birds will be the initial focus. We will also cover other birds that are here year-round, as well as migrating birds.

Other important aspects of birds that will be explored include migration, breeding, nest building, feeding, how and why birds sing, and eBird. Each class will have time in the classroom and then time outside to practice what you have learned. There will be opportunities for bird walks outside of class time, too.

Although this class is geared for adults, age-appropriate kids with a real interest in birds are welcome to attend.

Instructor Jim Wilson enjoys birds. More importantly, though, he enjoys teaching about birds. He has taught about birds and nature for twelve years at Kennard Elementary School and has given numerous talks about birds and monarch butterflies at Queen Anne's County Free LIbrary. He also volunteers at the Arboretum, leading bird walks and teaching school groups. 

NOTE: Please don’t buy binoculars in anticipation of the class.  We have about 15 binoculars available for loan. Also, Jim can provide advice about buying binoculars if you are interested. A birding app for your cell phone is encouraged.  Many excellent apps are available. Jim uses and recommends iBird Pro, NOT any of the different variations offered by iBird … just iBird Pro. If you have any questions, please contact the Arboretum at 410-634-2847, ext. 0 or Jim at

**This and all Adkins Arboretum Stewardship programs count as continuing education for Master Gardeners and Maryland Master Naturalists.**


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